Melbourne Studio School
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About the Artist

Richard Birmingham, a founding member of Roar Studios, has worked and exhibited in Melbourne over a period of 35 years.His awareness of the changing face of contemporary art over that time has seen him neither tempted nor seduced by the fashionable or the Kitsch in art. His work is expressionist on approach and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to drawing and paintings a primary force in contemporary arts practice. Richard has set up a teaching and mentor program through the Melbourne Studio School where students attend workshops, come into contact with professional artists, and gain support in their artistic endeavours within a community atmosphere.

Richard’s Influence on early Roar

“An early example of the treatment of the figure by the Roar artists appears in a charcoal design by Richard Birmingham. Birmingham has generally been excluded from the groups history but his influence as a trigger in interpretations of the figure, as evident in Figures in a Landscape, 1981/1982, appears to have been instrumental in the development of most members of the group and continues to be shown more than a decade later”

From Roar and Quieter moments-Traudie Allen, Craftsman House.